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As a NASCO member, you become a part of larger mission and get involved in a partnership and a network, which works towards the common goal and interests of the sector. It enables a positive environment by collecting voices from grassroots to national to a global level.

  •  NASCO is in Official Relations with various global alliances and associations will increase your organization’s credibility, particularly with governments and the international community at large.

    As a member of NASCO, you will benefit from our media reach. NASCO utilizes every opportunity to promote its members’ activities, projects and work through its media channels (i.e. website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, WSCD Summary Report, e-magazine etc.), thus giving international visibility to your work. As a member of NASCO, you will benefit from your own dedicated page on NASCO’s website. NASCO also strives to profile members as much as possible in its own activities, such as featuring member case studies in webinars and international media releases.

  • Networking opportunities & participation: As a member of NASCO, you will become part of a National and global network of patients’ organizations. You will have the opportunity to apply for a fully/partially funded place to participate in the global summits as well as in our Pre-Summit Members’ Conference. In addition to being forums for capacity building, information and exchange of good practices, these events offer excellent opportunities to network and therefore allow you to make useful connections as you move your work forward.
  • Capacity building

    Information and Resources: All members receive a NASCO Member logo to use on their website. The resource section of our website offers a wide range of materials which is regularly developed and updated and includes factsheets, reports, infographics, toolkits, template letters and much more. While our resources cover a wide range of topics and regions, they are developed based on the specific needs of our members. We also strive to disseminate information about global debates concerning SCD and current treatment news in the latest news section of our website.

    All NASCO members receive an exclusive pre-launch preview of the World Sickle Cell Day campaign. NASCO provides members with campaign materials to support their WSCD activities, including posters, infographics, logos, banners and more. A customizable poster tool allows members to tailor the global campaign to suit their local priorities and toolkits are available to assist in campaign planning, organizing events and approaching media. Members are able to promote their activities through the WSCD website via pages such as an events map, campaign supporters’ page and photo gallery.

  • Educational webinars: NASCO creates and hosts various webinars aimed at educating and upskilling members in key areas to effectively lobby for change. Topics covered so far include policy, advocacy, awareness raising and access to diagnostics and medicines. Members are able to participate live and get to ask questions to a panelist of experts. Recordings and slide decks are subsequently made available on our website.
  • Workshops and educational events: The Pre-Summit Member Conference programme is developed exclusively for the benefit of members and focuses on key areas of interest identified through needs assessments. In addition to this, members of NASCO may gain access to regional educational events organized by partners and other key stakeholders.
  • - Policy: NASCO offers support and advice to members with their policy work, helping them ensure that their States has an effective strategy in place to address issues related to SCD. To further support members’ lobbying, NASCO also provided a template press release, template social media posts and tips and video content. Our members also get first hand opportunity to get involved in bigger projects such as Global/National Policy reports, Civil Society reports and other global surveys results, which offer resourceful advocacy tools.
  • Fundraising: Toolkits specifically dedicated to fundraising are developed and updated and it is also an area addressed in our capacity building activities. Our members may also benefit from our experience, research, network and partnerships with the corporate world. We are also in constant contact with our own sponsors to encourage the support of their affiliates in States where we have members.